October 1, 2006

This documentary shows Daniel Wu’s “band”, ALIVE , on their quest for staredome. However, the band is in fact one of the biggest hoaxes in HK showbiz history.

The members, who are professional actors as opposed to singers, took vocal lessons, and delivered 3 concerts. The documentary shows how they all fooled the media in order to show the obsurdities of the HK music industry. The entire hoax was cooked up by Daniel Wu simply to make this film.

Its a good documentary. It managed to keep my attention. It was edited in such a way that we are able to view the group’s personal story line progressing as opposed to simple facts and events. Funny jokes and stylistic After Effects are mixed in here and there.

And actually, the band doesn’t sound as bad as you’d think. I’ll try to get the mp3 up here if I can find it. By the end of the film, I felt so close to all the band members as if they were brothers. I kinda wished the band was real. Oh well.


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