you have what it takes to be an iklipz Best Film winner

October 1, 2006

iklipz MONTHLY Best Film Contest Launches!

To generate attention for new filmmakers and equip them with some cool filmmaking tools along the way, iklipz is bringing you the official iklipz Best Film Contest. Beginning July 23, 2006, each month iklipz will select 10 winners with prizes including:

One Grand prize: A Sony High Definition Camcorder (Retail $3,700)
One Second place prize: A Sony Mini DV Camcorder (Retail $449)
One Third place prize: A Sony Cybershot Digital Still Camera (Retail $399.95)
Seven additional noteworthy iklipz Best Film honorable mentions will be awarded as well.

Here’s how it works: Become a member of iklipz at, upload and submit your film, and send your link around encouraging people to view and rate your film. Each month the winners will be selected through a combination of both highest views and ratings. Please be sure to note that anyone can view your film, but in order to rate a film your friends must become a member. You are welcome to, and highly encouraged to, have supporters view your film as many times as possible throughout the month to support your film and increase your views, but you can only rate a film once every 24 hours.

Do you have what it takes to be an iklipz Best Film winner?
Visit, upload your film, and spread the word to find out.

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