Web magazine picks Provo film fanatic as top-25 entrepreneur

November 4, 2006

Deseret Morning News, Friday, November 03, 2006

By Sara Israelsen
Deseret Morning News

PROVO — Being the nerdy guy in high school who made spoof videos of “Star Trek” is paying off for Cammon Randle.

Cammon Randle, right, runs a video production company with the help of his wife, Lorri, left, out of their home.

Stuart Johnson, Deseret Morning News

Randle has been named one of “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” by BusinessWeek.com for his video production company, which he runs with his wife, Lorri, out of their Provo home.

“This is what I love to do,” Randle, 25, said of filming. “I would do this for free if (Lorri) didn’t remind me I have a mortgage to pay. I really am … the geek who just likes to play with his cameras.”

BusinessWeek.com started asking for nominations in August for “promising candidates age 25 or under,” according to an Oct. 30 story on BusinessWeek’s Web site. This is the second year the online magazine has launched such a search.

More than 300 people nominated companies and start-up groups. That list was boiled down to the top 25 with “serious potential,” according to the Web site.

The Randle couple’s company — CopperRain Productions — designs and produces corporate videos. The company also educates businesses about how effective Internet videos can be in their marketing and sales.

“The Internet is such an amazing tool because it’s kind of like taking a step in the right direction before you even start,” Randle said.

Internet videos and advertising can be effective because customers who find a specific Web site are those who are looking for a certain product — and a video display is only going to increase the chances of a sale, Randle said.

Randle graduated two years ago from Brigham Young University after studying communications. But his interest in videos started in childhood, and during high school he made wedding videos and anything else he could shoot.

However, his filming fanaticism morphed into a job after he met and later married Lorri, who was studying broadcast journalism at BYU with an emphasis on sports broadcasting.

“We make a good team,” Lorri Randle said. “He is more the technical guy; I’m the emotional (one). We balance each other out.”

Lorri also loved cameras and had worked with KBYU as the technical director. Right before meeting her future husband, she said she was in the process of collecting recommendation letters to send to ESPN.

“I realized that to be the first woman Super Bowl director was not a great ‘mom job,”‘ Lorri Randle said with a laugh.

When they married, they pooled their talents and created CopperRain Productions.

Since then, they’ve pulled in nearly $50,000 and hope for a more successful year in 2007.

Cammon does a lot of the filming work, while Lorri keeps the company grounded and the paperwork up to speed.

They are the only two full-time employees but hire people as they need them.

“My dream is to see him succeed,” Lorri Randle said. “When he gets a new camera or lenses, even something as silly as American Cinematographer Magazine and his eyes light up … it’s just fun for me to watch.”

Individuals can check out profiles on each of the 25 candidates and vote on their favorite. Results will be posted in November.

For more information visit www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/special_reports/20061030specialrepo.htm.

E-mail: sisraelsen@desnews.com


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