January 21, 2007

Yes, it is sad but true.

The MSG’s highly anticpated, scrotum-smashing album “Hard Money” will be delayed. The Chinatown flag will be flying at half-mast today, in observance of this temporary reprieve.

While this may seem to be devastating news, in reality it is a sign of greater things to come. Due to a last-minute menu change The MSG are now going to be releasing “Hard Money” in two halves, much like the halves of your buttocks. This is to maximize the overall flavor. The first serving, entitled “Lunch Money“, will be a rectum-ripping EP, due to egg-drop in early February (seriously this time). This will be followed by a ferocious “Lunch Money” college tour, where The MSG will be educating the future of America on the Chinatown thug-life.

Following their blistering live assault, the full-length, full-scale, full-blown album “Hard Money” will drop JUST as your posterior is about to recover. You will have no choice but to sprinkle what’s left of your pulverized ass into your ramen noodles as seasoning. And it will taste good.

In the meantime, to get you though the holidays, the Current TV MSG Documentary is now available online! This is an exclusive doc once only available on Current TV, featuring previously unreleased footage. A must-see, inside look on The MSG’s rise out of the Chinatown hood! Watch it HERE:


The new MSG track “Pimp It” can now be heard in its FULL GLORY – check out to experience maximum MSG pimpitude, NOW.


Rap / Punk

“The Original Chinatown Bad Boys”

Chinatown, New York
United States

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