Nick Frost

January 25, 2007

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Nick Frost

Nick Frost in Hyperdrive.

Nick Frost in Hyperdrive.

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Born March 28, 1972)
England Essex, England
Notable roles Ed in Shaun of the Dead

Nick Frost (born March 28, 1972) is an English actor and comedian most famous for his work with Simon Pegg.

Born in Essex, Frost worked as a waiter and had a number of low key acting jobs such as ‘Chris Carter and The Coverplan Challenge’, a Dixons group sales video, before gaining fame as Tim’s Army-obsessed best friend Mike in the groundbreaking British comedy Spaced, which was written by Pegg and Jessica Stevenson and aired on Channel 4 for two series.

Although Frost wasn’t an actor before this (Though he had appeared in Pegg’s first major comedy series, Big Train, as an extra on numerous occasions), he created the character of Mike to amuse Pegg, his flatmate at the time. Pegg liked it so much that he wrote the character into Spaced.

In 2002, Frost wrote and presented a TV show called Danger! 50,000 Volts!, which presented viewers with various worst-case scenarios and offered sensible and easy-to-understand ways out of these situations, blended throughout with Frost’s unique humour. In the DVD release of the programme, a 30 minute spin-off episode called Danger! 50,000 Zombies! is included as an extra. This episode sees Frost paired up with Pegg as they deal with the situation of a zombie outbreak and what one should do in this situation. Also in 2002, Frost co-wrote and starred in The Sofa of Time with Matt King.

In 2004, Frost appeared in Shaun of the Dead, a rom-zom-com (romantic comedy, with zombies), written once again by Pegg along with Spaced director Edgar Wright. The film follows the life of Shaun, a disaffected store clerk who tries to win back his girlfriend in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Frost played Ed, the lovable oaf and best friend of Shaun.

In late 2005 he starred in the comedy sketch show Man Stroke Woman, which aired on BBC3. In the same year Nick acted in a second feature film, “Kinky Boots”.

In early 2006 Frost played the lead character, Commander Henderson, in new BBC Two sci-fi sitcom, Hyperdrive. Nick has recently completed a second series of Hyperdrive which will air on BBC2 in April 2007.

Both Frost and Pegg are to appear in a second Pegg-Wright feature, Hot Fuzz, a film which is set to be an action and cop genre homage, taking place in rural Somerset. Frost is to play bumbling Constable Danny Butterman, who partners up with Pegg’s Nicholas Angel after he transfers from London.

Frost also narrates Channel 4 reality show Supernanny.


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