Video production conference highschoolers

February 26, 2007

Tonight is Hollywood’s biggest night, and a group of Carson High School students is trying to figure out how to get there.

Student Television Network, a nationally recognized group of schools from across the country, holds an annual conference in Anaheim, Calif., to improve video production and broadcast journalism skills.

The conference, which runs March 6-10, will feature keynote speakers, demonstrations from Hollywood’s elite and competitions amongst the 1,500 students who attend.

Last year, a group of four students from Carson High School placed fourth out of the 63 teams competing in the music video competition.

Tyler Bourns, 18, a Carson High School senior, competed last year and would like to return again this year.

He said he learned different tips and tricks from the workshops, but the competitions served as the greatest teaching tool.

Students were given eight hours to produce the music video.

“You want to work on a high-quality product, but you also have to meet the deadline,” Bourns explained. “It’s difficult, but it’s a great experience, especially in this business, which is all about making deadlines.”

Bourns said he was able to get experience from the conference to put on his résumé, which will help him as he pursues his goal of becoming a feature film director.

Jordan Nash, 17, attended the conference last year as a sophomore.

“It was my first real taste of Hollywood,” he said. “I got there, and I’m talking to real Hollywood actors – it’s the real stuff. It’s just this feeling of being there. I’ll never forget that. I’ll take that with me forever.”

Nash is more interested in film advertising than making movies, and says the conference teaches things he wouldn’t learn elsewhere.

For example, in a workshop last year, students were shown how to create special effects against a green screen.

“With the skills comes a boost of confidence,” Nash said. “They’re showing you step-by-step how they get a shot. It just blows you away they’re sharing all their secrets.”

Video production teacher Brian Reedy said he’d like to take the four who attended last year, along with six additional students.

However, at $500 apiece for travel, accommodations and registration, the cost may be too prohibitive.

“I hope they can all go,” Reedy said. “It definitely infuses them with a greater zeal and understanding.”

Video production students at the school host a daily news program as well as create various community projects. Last year, they were amongst the top 10 teams nationwide in a contest to create a video promoting safe driving.

They have also worked with community leaders to document problems facing the school district as well as the dangers of drug abuse.

To donate to the Student Television Network conference, call Brian Reedy at 283-1652, or send a check payable to Carson High School Video Production to Carson High School, 1111 N. Saliman Road, Carson City, NV 89702


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