Skaters look to MySpace for promotion

March 4, 2007


The Island Sk8 Society recently brought their campaign for the building of a skatepark on Saipan on the Internet by registering their group in MySpace. (Jacqueline Hernandez) The drive to construct a skatepark for local boarding enthusiast went global when organizers took their mission to the popular internet network, MySpace, in an effort to reach more people interested with the cause.

Since holding their first meeting in the Garapan Roundhouse, the skaters and their supporters have been on a roll. So far, they have filed their articles and bylaws for their non-profit corporation, are currently working on their tax exempt status, and held the first meeting of the Island Sk8 Society.

While young people around the planet communicate with networking sites like MySpace, it has already been shown as a proven tool for promoting a number of local events in the CNMI for all ages.

You can access the site online at to find out more information about the people who grind and glide and their next meeting is set for March 15 in the conference room of the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium at 5:30pm.

Organizers leading the park project now have $90,000 committed toward the project after the Rotary Club of Saipan first provided $20,000 to get the ball rolling. Since then another $10,000 was donated by the CNMI Youth Foundation at the Roundhouse meeting and an additional $60K became available to their effort when Gov. Benigno R. Fitial signed into law House Bill 15-37 which reappropriated $293,608 from a previous measure and tripled the group’s purse.

Local skater Angelo Montenegro’s revised drawing for a 40-feet by 105-feet skatepark received two thumbs up from Seattle-based skatepark design firm Grindline with a new price tag of $149,752.

Currently the skaters fall $59,752 short of meeting that figure but RCS Skateboard Park Project co-chair Laurie Peterka said that the group’s focus is shifting to putting together media kits, tracking down corporate sponsors, and to continuing to seek additional funding through RCS.

For more information about the project, contact Peterka via email at or Dennis Yoshimoto at


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