Mark Ronson

April 7, 2007

April 5th, 2007 at 16:30 by Stuart Heritage

Mark Ronson Q&A VersionMark Ronson is one of the most highly sought-after producers around, having helped push Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse into the big league; plus Mark Ronson is the only DJ around who can apparently froth Tom Cruise into a frenzy of finger-guns.

Later this month Mark Ronson releases Version, his eagerly-anticipated follow-up to his Ghostface-starring, Mos Def-starring, Saigon-premiering debut Here Comes The Fuzz. And Version is totally different animal – all the hip-hop stylings have been replaced by Motown horns and more soul than you can fire a gun at. By the way, Mark Ronson called the album Version because it’s a covers album. Covers of The Kaiser Chiefs and The Zutons. Surprisingly, Version is a bloody good listen.

We briefly caught up with Mark Ronson to discuss Curly Wurlies, gansta mispronunciation of his name and Foreigner. Because Mark Ronson’s Dad was in Foreigner…


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