The Lottery

June 30, 2007

The Lottery


I went to one of the most unique and bad-ass hoop party/event/gallery opening last night. Check out the premise:

Our boy Chris Isenberg from No Mas (dope clothing line) did crazy digital renderings of headshots of every NBA lottery pick from 1985 to 1995. The headshots were all from the year they were drafted and mounted on canvas for last night’s “lottery.” Sponsored by Puma (No Mas has an exclusive shoe coming out with Puma later this year), the
gallery was set up to look like the NBA Draft. Everyone at the party got a scratch
card – some 500 were distributed – in hopes of being one of the of the 105 picks available (some people, like me, got two cards). They then had a David Stern-looking dude (seriously) and a ping-pong ball machine (again, I’m serious) and they had a draft lottery. I got the 18th pick with one card and the 76th pick with my other card. With my two picks I got to draft two of the players and actually take home the art pieces. We’ll hook you up with the whole draft later today, but from memory, I believe Patrick Ewing went 1st overall, Len Bias (RIP) went 2nd, Shaq 3rd, KG 4th, Chris Mullin 5th, Luc Longley 6th, and Penny Hardaway 7th.

Why did Longley go so high? His picture was amazing, flowing mullet and all.

With the 18th pick I was deciding between the X-Man or Glenn Rice, who’s art piece was one
of the cooler ones available. After consulting with Chris (who suggested I either go Rice or go nuts and draft Tim Perry), I brought home Rice. With the 76th pick and a lot of good players on the board, I fought the urge to draft The Rifleman, Chuck Person, and instead hooked up Pat (our Editorial Director) with Bobby Hurley, who I know he has a strange white-boy obession with. Josh with a mid 40’s pick took home Mitch “Rock” Richmond. Our other boy had a pick in the 60’s and took Big Dogg Glenn Robinson, for the sole reason that he has a friend in Milwaukee who hates Dogg and he figured this would be good torture material. He also had to work out a trade for Big Dogg with some other guy. The trade somehow involved Armon Gilliam.

Besides the amazing fact that we actually got to take home the art pieces, it was also a party, with a DJ, and open bar.

Big thanks to Chris, No Mas, and Puma for the great night