September 26, 2007

gripping tales i’m sure
2006, ink and watercolour on paper, 8 x 10 in.

Art Blogs, Artists:
My blog
Marc Johns on Flickr
Me on Flickr
Driftwould – really swell art
Art.Blogging.La – Los Angeles
Zeke’s Gallery – Montreal
Art in Canada – Montreal
Arts Journal – USA
Simon Johns – Montreal
Fecal Face – San Francisco art scene
Cool Hunting – blog

Galleries, artists, etc.:

Butchershop Gallery – Vancouver
Bau Xi Gallery – Vancouver
DV8 – Vancouver
Tracey Lawrence Gallery – Vancouver
Atelier Gallery – Vancouver
Motel Gallery – Portland OR
Junc Gallery – Los Angeles
16 1/2 – Victoria

Time for a trim

The world is completely controlled by a rabbit

Too bad

The Hovering Gentlemens’ Club

Drummer with tree

Extra arms

Extra legs

Aesthetics Department

Pigs (what to do)

Sum of the parts


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