my niece tia is pretty crazy

November 24, 2007

my niece tia is pretty crazy
she might be the one person that laughs more than me
, which is alot, because i laugh a lot…almost till the point of crying everyday

Picture 333

she got a new doggie
his name is pudgy..for now..till she changes it

Picture 335

i like to make tia laugh when she’s eating
she always pukes it out back in her dish hahahaha
Picture 463

went to the moon festival
saw some cool kids art
never knew the story of the moon festival
jenni trang le and nadine were doing some documentary about it
i thought that was cool
i call it the ‘mystery cake’
cause i have no idea why we eat it
or whats inside
i just know my mom forces me to eat it on that day
now i know it has something to do with eating duck egg because that represents the moon
Picture 443

here is tuyet ha
i guess she won some miss vietnam student thing
very nice and smart and will be a doctor

i do think this is a very nice p.r. pic if i do say so myself hahah
Picture 434

here is the far east movement
they were there, cool as always
i worked w/ them on finishing the game
we grabbed that kid cause he made a bling chain made up of climbing gear

Picture 430

here is what i call a ‘kym pham’ pic
i’m gonna start to take more pics like this for fun
cool colors and patterns
what you think kym?? hahaha
Picture 426


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