December 16, 2007

Awesome advertisement and great use of space at the Venice Airport for the Venice Casino.

This Seafood Restaurant in India placed these fake shells on the beach, with ads for their restaurant

Two Interesting Guerilla ads pointing out the maneuverability of the Mini Cooper

Incredibly effective ad for blood donations. Definitely memorable.

Another effective Non-Profit Guerilla ad. This one against smoking.

One More Awesome Non-Profit Guerilla ad.

Guerilla ad in Guatemala for a Super Glue Product.


Genius DHL ad.

Superman Returns guerilla ad.

Mr. Clean Guerilla ad.

…too bad this one destroys a perfectly good bench.

Cingular setting itself apart.

Mcdonalds gets in the game.

Wow. this might cause some accidents..

I Don’t Know if this is cool, or gross.

I think this one is my favorite. Here is the best one last.

An ad for Miele Vacuums.


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