Ed Emberley

December 19, 2007

Ed Emberley

Ed Emberly's Big Orange Drawing BookWhen I was a kid, I devoured every book on drawing and cartooning that my local library had on its shelves. Ed Emberley brings back a lot of memories. The books of his I remember most were Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book and Ed Emberley’s Big Orange Drawing Book. He teaches kids how to draw using basic lines and shapes, and his work is fun, fun, fun. His books were first published in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but they’re still being sold today, and Ed is still at it…

Does anyone know if this Ed Emberley merchandise is available anywhere other than Japan? What I wouldn’t give for one of those clocks!

We enjoyed reading your books and we want to know what happened after Drummer Hoff fired it off?
How smart you are to think about what happened to Drummer Hoff and all the other soldiers after he “fired it off.” We left it to the reader’s imagination to figure out what happened next. Some people thought they all blew up!!!!!! Maybe that’s true but I know what I imagine, Here are the words I was going to put on the last page: “and they all went home” — maybe to supper…maybe to bed…maybe they all went to the beach!!! what do you think????

After reading your books we want to know how long it takes you to make a book and do you make the covers of your books or does someone else do it?
In answer to your two questions: 1. It takes me about 120 days to make a book. That means that if you add all the holidays, weekends, and sick [cough, cough] days I can make about 2 books a year. 2 I like to make my own covers. My publishers would make my covers if I asked them. But I kind of like to do things myself…it’s more fun that way. I like fun, don’t you?

We would like to know what year you started making books. Also do you ever trace any pictures?
I think I messed up my first message. I’m going to try again. In answer to your two questions: 1. I started making books in 1961. My first book is called The Wing on a Flea. You can’t buy it but you can find it in some libraries. I love libraries. 2. Oh yes I trace a lot. It’s a good way to learn.


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