February 8, 2008

Artist: Natascha S. Rosenberg

The wonderful illustrations below are the work of Natascha S. Rosenberg. I recently came across Natascha’s art via her blog. All of her illustrations have such an optimistic charm, they are just delightful. I fell in love with “Spring Mood” (below). It so beautifully expresses how the whimsical nature of the season is reflected in emotions. Despite the happiness we feel from the joys of spring, a happy mood can turn sad at any moment. There is also such a wonderful harmony between the two emotions here. Joy and sorrow appear alongside each other as complementary and part of a natural balance.

I can relate to this sentiment that Natascha expresses with such color, creativity, and energy. Since seeing this illustration, I’ll think of it, and somehow I’m restored to the happier girl on the right.In addition to her blog, you can view drawings from childrens’ books Natascha Rosenberg has illustrated on her web site. She also contributes to Illustration Friday. The illustration that Natascha did for this week’s IF “angels and devils” theme is now posted on her blog. It is absolutely amazing! It made me smile the instant I saw it.

“Travel” is one of the adorable drawings done for IF.

Many thanks to Natascha (and for permission to include her work here)!

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