April 29, 2008

Modelos & Cueros PRESS

April 25, 2008


Ana Bustillos auditions for a panel of judges who are actors on the WB show. They are Rocky Blackburn, left, Lizzeth Alvarez and Marbella Valenzuela.
Photos by Dean Knuth / Staff

Tucson actors shine

Local talent drives WB’s ‘Modelos & Cueros’
By Gerald M. Gay
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 02.18.2004

Sebastian Tonazzi and Donny Tran firmly believe in Tucson’s talent pool. They are the driving force behind the television program “Modelos & Cueros” – an all-Spanish novela filmed and aired locally on the WB network Sunday nights. But they say they aren’t in it for their own fame and fortune. The two are more interested in helping others reach for the stars. “We see there is a huge demand for people here and in Mexico to be on TV and feature their talent, whether it be acting, modeling, singing or whatever,” said Tonazzi, 24. “We thought it would be a good opportunity to help people get a break and get noticed.” Friends since their days at Amphitheater High School, the duo first found their creative juices in senior English – making film adaptations for assigned books such as “Hamlet” and “The Grapes of Wrath.” Both attended the University of Arizona and eventually stepped into the Tucson media scene – Tran interning for WB and Tonazzi working for Telemundo as promotions coordinator. “I think that when I graduated from the U of A I needed people to give me a break,” Tonazzi said. “I was lucky to work at Telemundo and meet so many cool people there and get their support.” He added, “That’s what I want to do with people on the show – help them out with a network of people to start their careers.” The novela focuses on the trials and tribulations of Laura Soledad – a young Mexican girl who follows her dreams from Hermosillo, Sonora, to Arizona. She eventually finds herself working for a Tucson modeling agency. Several nights a week, the fluctuating cast of about 16 films scenes into the wee morning hours – night shooting is the only option for those who have day jobs. When he is not working as an appliance technician for Sears, Andrew “Rocky” Blackburn plays the role of Don Matterazi, Laura’s father. “I’m the older one in the group,” said Blackburn, 53, a Tucson resident since childhood. “This is the first local thing I’ve seen in years. It’s cool to see the kids here trying to do something.” Blackburn, who has no formal acting experience, was originally slated to play a hitman on the show. His son – a friend of Tran and Tonazzi – set it up. “I got a call from Sebastian saying they needed one, so I dressed up in black and went on down,” he said. “The reaction I am getting from the public is killer,” Blackburn said. “They recognize me and think I got this tough-guy thing down perfect.” Sure the show is paid programming, has the occasional piece of film equipment in the shot and, in episode two, had a blooper reel that lasted almost as long as the show itself, but the novela is not without its fan base. Tran, 24, says he has been recognized all over town for the character he plays on the show, modeling agent Yoshi Nakata. The biggest example of program interest may have come this past Thursday, as a crowd of aspiring actors and actresses filled the front dining area of Las Cazuelitas restaurant, 2615 S. Sixth Ave., where “Modelos” was holding a casting call. Among the hopefuls were Estee Rivera, 19, and her roommate, Ashley Richie. “I think it would be a good experience,” said Rivera, who found out about the tryouts from a UA listserv. “I did some acting and modeling when I was a lot younger. I have no idea what to expect now, though.” A few tables away, neighborhood resident Ubi Soto, 16, sat in anticipation. He heard about the auditions from his cousin. “I just want to see what I can do,” he said. “It would be nice to have some exposure, to see how it is and stuff.” Tonazzi was pleased at the diverse turnout. “I think it’s the universal desire to do something creative,” he said. “We open the doors to anybody. We don’t discriminate.” “We like people who have the guts to go out and try something new. Some of these people don’t even speak Spanish. It’s great,” Tran added. Tonazzi believes that the show will not only provide a stepping stone for local performers but also will encourage others to produce media projects in Southern Arizona. “I think creative people in Arizona should stay here and not flee to New York City or L.A.,” he said. “This is actually one of the shows that will really make a change about how people feel about staying in Tucson.” ° Contact reporter Gerald M. Gay at 573-4137 or

random pics

April 23, 2008


Today´s Mood!  (via Pulpolux !!!) — trucktrace  — yuiseki  — vhudy6tx4dik9ol

Hendrik Kerstens is one of those artists who have managed to develop a career seemingly concentrating on one subject throughout the years. In his case, the model has been his daughter Paula. How different is she as a subject because of being his daughter? Not very. Which is as powerful a revelation as any. After all, one would expect some closeness, some special insight. Nothing of the sort. What we get is a serious young lady, as serious now as she was on the pictures being only a few years old. A gaze that refuses to talk. Our only partner in dialogue seems to be the light that paints the face gently, yet at least on surface, without the love one would expect. We see all the Vermeers and other 17th-century Flemish painters participate in this creation, yet this, here, is darker, less inviting. It doesn’t pretend that something can come out of this encounter. Nothing more than a picture, a gaze, a world that is forever there, for us to admire, but not to discover.

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i giapponesi, mediamente, stanno male

delicious (?)

OMFG it’s Reagan!

the team

register power

just chilling out

go go go

through the barricades

best eyewear ever

best eyewear ever


crossover spoiler

Clark Kent meets Supergirl the old fashioned way

missing very much

brother, can you spare a high kick?

rosquitasque ricas las rosquitas de wal mart   il mondo come volontà, usb e ciambelleeeeehhhh

Bomb-usb   il mondo come volontà e usb

keyboard gangs war


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Pirate ninja taijitu


eh (courtesy of benvenutocellini)

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you speak when I tell you to

ah, monday morning once again…

no, really, I just lost the way back to the beehive

choices (1 - technological one; 2 - old-fashioned one)


faster, my ants, faster!

needs and motivations

needs and motivations
— via bullshit
Peter Brookes per

points of view

points of view
que viva el Griffin

que viva el Griffin
i fotografi son gente che ogni scusa è buona per farsi la modella, anche lasciarla che fotografi lei, tanto verranno fuori solo schifi (segnalato da placida)
(oggi è giornata di cartelli stradali)
slightly racist, I know
un mondo di parole
russian politics in a nutshell (or in a matryoshka)
(via bullshit)
i cosplayer distruggeranno il mondo con il potere di Grayskull
checcefrega dell’iphone, noi c’abbiamo… l’iphone?
saturday afternoon loneliness
checcefrega della kryptonite, noi c’avemo le tortenfaccia
anche i cosplayer soffrono la recessione economica

unicef ads

April 21, 2008

Other Unicef ads

Unicef - Bad Water Kills

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Sweden
Art Directors: Johan Jäger, Max Larsson von Reybekiel
Copywriters: Magnus Andersson, Fredric Thunholm
Photographers: Henrik Halvarsson, Marina Kereklidou

my new illustrations

April 21, 2008

made some new comics today
need yo help.
please help me choose the best one to submit

a. highheels/color/vertical

b. highheels/color/wider

c. highheels/color/bkg color/no text

d. highheels/blackwhite/no text

d. highheels color/no text

e. ham tran/kate hudson

f. ham tran/highheel poster

any other suggestion/feedback let me know thanks!

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April 21, 2008


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April 21, 2008