No challenge too big for enthusiast

May 14, 2008

No challenge too big for enthusiast

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FOR a young entrepreneur to start a small documentary production company in the tough times we face is not easy.

But, for one 28-year-old it’s a challenge to be faced head-on.

Former radio personality Russell Fong has used his savings in the Fiji National Provident Fund to literally put his money where his mouth is.

He has taken the plunge to form Tanoa Productions.

Mr Fong said it was not easy deciding to dip into his FNPF funds through its small business scheme and to start from scratch.

But, with the full backing of his wife Carol they dived into making their dreams come true.

His production company is based in Tanoa Street, in Flagstaff, Suva, and is already excelling in making documentaries, video shoots and editing.

In just a few months of operations, they have already done six videos and are now the production company for the University of the South Pacific’s Marine Department.

Mr Fong said documentary work for USP involved going to villages and making documentaries on reefs, resource videos and whatever was needed.

“Well, I got this passion when I was young,” he said.

Mr Fong, who has worked the for production department at Fiji Television said the plan to setup a company started in 2005.

“I started foundation work like getting a licence and money for the equipment,” he said.

He has turned a garage into his office, saying wants to do videos for corporate organisations we well.

Apart from the financial challenges of setting up the production company, he said other challenges included learning skills on his own.


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