Painter – Dan Lacey, Painter of Pancakes

January 26, 2009

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Victory Print by Dan Lacey

'Laughing Bush' President George W. Bush portrait painting art, by Dan Lacey

Sarah Palin pancake portrait painting, by Dan Lacey

Pope John Paul II pencil sketch drawing, by Dan Lacey


The Great Dan Lacey/Faithmouse Money Disappearing Trick


Please address email to ‘Dan Lacey artist.’

Pancake Art Alliance

Laughing President George W. Bush art portrait poster print  by Dan Lacey

Laughing Bush

by Dan Lacey

printed on large poster frame format
11 by 17” heavy 60 lb bond

hand signed and dated

shipped in a strong mailing tube

original ‘Faithmouse’ cartoon
included with every order!

Only 20 small dollars


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