The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible

March 7, 2009

And from hot sexy girls to biblical illustrations! How’s that for a good segue? Ever had the urge to illustrate a text from Leviticus, but had no avenue with which to share your vision? Well fear not my children, for The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible is here. It’s a rich and diverse collection of illustrations by a wide variety of artists, depicting various texts from King James Version, plus the Apocrypha commonly included in Catholic Bibles — Esdras; 2 Esdras; Esther; 1 Maccabees; 2 Maccabees; Tobit; Judith; Wisdom; Sirach; Baruch; Susanna; Azariah; Manasseh and Bel. So like, why would someone start something like this? The creators of this site state: Our goal is to illustrate the entire bible verse–by–verse— one illustration per verse. We plan to enlist artists and illustrators from all over the world— including you!— to help us bring each of the 36,665 verses in our database to life. Some of the artists who have contributed to this project are Tony Millionaire, Farel Dalrymple, Ken Habarta, Dame Darcy, Danny Hellman, R. Sikoryak, Esao Andrews and Lauren Weinstein. The illustration you see above you is by Dave Lapp, and you can see more samples of his amazing bible illustrations here. So go forth, be fruitful and creative, and send your visions in!

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