Download or Save Video without any software

August 4, 2009

Download or Save Video from Facebook without any software

download FACEBOOK video easily without using any software. You can get FACEBOOK video from cache folder on your PC. Just follow as bellow

For Internet explorer Browser: If you are using internet explorer browser, watch full video from facebook,

1. After watching full video, go at Tools> internet options> settings> view files

2 You will get a large size file with long name and unknown type there.

3 Copy and paste that file at desktop, this file is the video file in flv format

4 Rename it with flv extension, example 123.flv

5 play and enjoy video at your PC with flv player

If you don’t have FLV player, download free FLV player from here

For FireFox Browser: If you are using FireFox browser, you can get video in FLV format as above in similar manner but at different location, your downloaded video location is –

D:(or C:)> Documents and Settings> ADMIN (your Admin login)> Local Settings >Application Data> Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles (one by one)

Find and play video same as given here.

Other method for FireFox Users– You can also save and download facebook video by using Greasemonkey. First install and run Greasemonkey as given here. After installing greasemonkey, install this script . The description of Script is here

For other tweaks on facebook, check here .


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