Steps profitable blog

October 7, 2007

Here are ten steps to producing your profitable blog, I will expand after the list.

  1. Select a list of profitable niches and choose a niche with the most potential
  2. Find all the products and services your blog can sell through affiliate channels
  3. Discover the high-paying adsense phrases and focus your content around them
  4. Build a template that emphasises your adsense and affiliate products
  5. Build loyal RSS and email subscriptions
  6. Build authority and trust through regular useful content. Post at least one new article every day, more if you can manage it
  7. Generate traffic through good post titles, email subject lines and linkbait
  8. Monitor your metrics, see which content brings in the most traffic and clicks and produce more of it
  9. When you hit on a good conversion rate, pay for advertising
  10. Diversify, start more blogs. Find an overlapping niche, rinse and repeat