November 24, 2007


The Asian American Cultural Center at Yale University will be hosting a film festival during late January of 2008, which usually draws a diverse crowd ranging spanning all ages and all ethnic backgrounds. We are interested in screening “YOUR FILM” at the festival. Every film will be shown free of charge, with the intent of exposing the audiences to a diverse world of perspectives as postured through films of different racial undertones and emotional content.

Before we select the films to be shown at the festival, we would love to first view the film to see whether it would be fitting to be screened as part of our festival. Is there any possible way that we could first receive a copy? If we find it appropriate, we would then purchase the rights to show it at the festival; otherwise, we would return the movie in pristine condition. But, ideally, since it is a student-run festival, we have a very small budget and would really appreciate it if there was no charge.   Since we are looking to screen all the movies within the next few weeks, we really look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please contact our Special Events Co-Coordinators for more information: Ming-Yee Lin (ming-yee.lin@ and Katrina Landeta (katrina.landeta@

We look forward to hear from you!

Yale Asian American Cultural Center aacc