Illustrations give some life to your boring email newsletters.

I can water color, pen ink, whatever you’d like.

Please email if you are interested at

Here are some great examples of OTHER people’s work that I get in my own personal email. Reminds me of New Yorker. I just love magazines/websites that respect hand drawn art/illustration. Then again, I may be biased, but thats what I like!

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June 9, 2008
Girls Just Wanna Have Phone

Samsung Glyde!

You’ve given up shooting for a perfect day.

At this point, you’d settle for not spilling food on yourself at lunch.

Here’s a chance to set your sights a bit higher: Enter the Glyde™ through the Perfect Day contest. Submit a short description of your perfect day, and the five most creative and unique entries will be featured there.

If yours is deemed the most perfectest submission, your day will be made into a reality. Plus, you’ll win a new Samsung Glyde™ to document the fun, whether by texting friends on the full QWERTY keyboard or making playlists for the day.

Play with the shiny 2.8-inch touch-screen display and use the HTML browser for a complete Web experience (browse, bookmark, and blog to your heart’s content). Capturing on-the-fly moments is easy with the 2.0-megapixel camera featuring flash, digital zoom, autofocus, and video recording.

The content gathered on your perfect day will be featured in a Dedicated E-mail and page designed just for the winner.

Bragging rights apply.

Submit your perfect day at To learn more about the Samsung Glyde, go to

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Finally, the perfect iron for your hair: the limited-edition ghd IV Dark and Pure stylers come in black or white high-gloss patent finishes and heat up to max temp in seconds to create the ultimate static-free sheen. They curl as easily as they straighten, so your style’s more split personalities than split ends. Available for purchase at

June 10, 2008
Zip It
LnA Zipper Leggings


You can’t squeeze into your fat jeans because you took down a carton of Chubby Hubby to ease the pain of being rejected by an out-of-work telemarketer. You’re one bad hair day away from a padded room.

Hold it together with a pair of LnA’s new zipper leggings. The legwear has an elastic waist; eight-inch gold zippers at the ankles; and look hot on more than just tall, skinny bitches.

Choose from two material combos: cotton/spandex or nylon/spandex (the latter has a sheen to it). The color spectrum ranges from basic black to flamingo, pumpkin, marigold, navy, and charcoal (among many others). The material is thick enough to hold you in and hide any unappealing lumps (who, you?), while the zipper adds sex appeal, making them an immediate mood enhancer.

Giving you the gusto to face the world again.

Available online at

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Having a bad day? Kick your negative karma to the curb by jotting down a description of your perfect day. If yours is deemed the most creative and unique, the day’s yours. Plus, you’ll win a Samsung Glyde™ (MP3 player, touch screen, HTML browser, camera — the works!) to document the day for a featured webpage on DailyCandy.

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June 9, 2008
Best in Show
Blue Ribbon General Store Goes Online

go blue!

Blue ribbons conjure happy memories of tossing eggs and riding piggyback with your field-day partner (go Acorns!).

And you’re about to experience similar pleasures when you check out the just-launched Blue Ribbon General Store.

A perfect marriage of country and kitsch, the online shop offers anything from a Barrel of Monkeys to Spring Chicken Muscle Rub and everything in between — all of which have earned the Blue Ribbon for cleverness, wit, and practicality.

Functionally speaking, there’s Botot toothpaste (created in 1755 for King Louis XV), Hot Heads silicone potholders, and Healthy Harvest freshness extenders for produce. On the wackier side lie wax lips, rocket balloons, and a pirate disguise kit complete with eye patch. You can’t really go wrong no matter what you toss in your cart.

Everyone’s a winner.

Available online at

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