Elliott Burford Art director/DesigElliott Burford Art director/Designerner


The Life Mixtapes

The Life Mixtapes at an essential level function as a radio show for my (supposed future) children. Around the time of my birthday each year since the age of 18 I have recorded an approximately 3 hour ‘radio show’, where as the host, I run through and play a selection of songs that were listened to in the previous year of my life, commenting on how they were discovered and any memories associated with them. Each edition also comes with a separate recording, which serves as an aural diary, detailing in rough chronological order a summary of notable events and where possible, recordings of myself from earlier in that year.

Having worked in Australia and the United Kingdom for a number of years, a wide variety of clients have enjoyed his creations, ranging from tattoos, typefaces and annual reports to business cards for one man start-ups or brand identities in super size multi-national corporations.

He also creates drawings, photographs, short films and (generally terrible) music.

Elliott currently lives in Treviso, Italy, as a resident with Benetton’s communications research centre, Fabrica.