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Word of Mouth by Mary Catherine Coolidge
A Sarasota entrepreneur markets his innovative tongue brush through Wal-Mart and YouTube.

The first time Tom Oechslin, president of Peak Enterprises, Inc., a consumer products company that is marketing the TUNG Brush, met with Wal-Mart, he heard the word every entrepreneur dreads: “No.”

It was August 2005, and Oechslin and his marketing consultant, Joel Warady of the Joel Warady Group out of Chicago, thought they had nailed their marketing presentation of the TUNG Brush to the Wal-Mart buyer.

Oechslin and Warady were stunned. They replayed the presentation about their dental hygiene product—a black-and-neon-orange plastic tongue scraper that retails for between $3 and $4—in their heads. Hadn’t they presented reliable data about the bacteria build-up that causes bad breath in nearly every individual at some time or another, creating a consumer base that spends, according to Oechslin, “$700 million to $800 million a year on bad breath” remedies? Hadn’t they presented detailed information that proved the efficacy and salability of their product?

The buyer had seemed impressed, and Oechslin and Warady had left that first meeting elated, sure that Wal-Mart would make a buy.

What, they wondered, had gone wrong?

Oechslin called the buyer back and asked the big question—why?

The response was surprisingly simple. The buyer liked the product, but felt the packaging was too wide and would take up too many valuable inches in the highly competitive scramble for “real estate”—shelf space—in Wal-Mart aisles.

Oechslin immediately offered to change the packaging. He had no problem reconfiguring the size of the packaging if that would solve the problem.

But Wal-Mart insisted there was no way the TUNG Brush packaging could be redesigned in a time-frame acceptable to their schedule; they wanted it turned around within 48 hours.

Oechslin knew that only 2 percent of the thousands of suppliers who pitch Wal-Mart actually land on the giant retailer’s shelves, but he wasn’t going to come this close and slink away because of a couple of lousy inches. Getting on Wal-Mart shelves was an absolutely essential step in building the product’s prestige—and he believed in his product.

“If you’ve got a tongue, it applies,” says Oeschlin. And Oeschlin felt his timing was right. Even though Wal-Mart historically hasn’t attracted the TUNG brush demographic—educated women who prefer more upscale shopping—the company is trying to change its image and draw higher-income customers through better-quality products.

The pair started dialing numbers and found a Chicago design team that would make the changes and create a mock-up of the new packaging in 24 hours. The next day Oechslin and Warady went back to Wal-Mart with a sleeker, slimmer package.

And the final answer—yes!

Within 90 days, Wal-Mart had placed its first order for 20,000 TUNG Brushes. Manufacturing began in China, Chicago, New York, Tennessee and Ohio. By March 2006, the brush debuted in limited distribution in 1,280 stores across the country.

In retrospect, Warady says, the packaging drama was really “a test.” The big retailers, he explains, are practically “daring you to do business with them.” Whether it’s Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart, he says, they’re going to “throw up obstacles” to see if an entrepreneur can play in the big leagues.

Oechslin concurs. National retailers “have to believe in the people behind the product,” he says. “They don’t care how good your product is,” they care about whether it will sell, and whether you can deliver on your promises, he adds.

It’s also absolutely essential to have enough capital to ramp up production and deliver quickly when opportunity finally does come knocking.

Oechslin has been marketing TUNG Brush since 1996, when he and Sarasota dentist Steve Wieder came up with the concept. The TUNG Brush has been in Rite Aid drugstores since 2000 and other drugstore chains throughout the country such as Duane Reade, Long’s and Meijer. With Wal-Mart under his belt, Oechslin hopes to launch the TUNG Brush in Publix supermarkets and Walgreen’s as well as other large chains in 2007.

But that’s not all. Oechslin and Warady are intent on delivering the message to the prime TUNG Brush target audience—18 to 45 year olds, Oechslin says, an audience that lives online.

“Gen X and Gen Y groups,” Warady explains, “want to be entertained and they don’t want to be sold to,” especially on the Internet.

So in his quest to make the TUNG Brush as ubiquitous as dental floss and as hip as the latest MP3-playing cell phones, Oechslin turned to video viral marketing, a tactic that uses online sharing of video clips, often homemade, mostly through e-mails and blogs. In June 2006, Oechslin launched his viral initiative through YouTube, a wildly popular new Web site that contains millions of videos—everything from wacky homemade videos of pets doing backflips to clips of politicians’ speeches.

Oechlin forged an alliance with YouTube impresario Billy Presley, who has a penchant for videotaping himself as he travels around licking things like bridges and statues. Presley documents his antics on video and posts them on YouTube.com, http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=billypresley, which has become one of the Web’s most popular video sites. The TUNG Brush Web site is tagged to the end of every video Presley posts.

To drive visitors to the Presley videos and subsequently to the TUNG Brush Web site, Oechslin and Warady hired college students and recent college graduates, some with master’s degrees in marketing, to “get the word out about these videos through social networking sites” such as myspace.com, iambored.com and friendster.com.

Marketing via viral video is a relatively unproven arena, and videomakers such as Presley aren’t easily managed, causing many marketers to shy away from such online strategies. Warady, however, says the strategy enabled them to build the brand cheaply. Presley’s expenses are paid, along with a “very modest fee,” Warady says, and “all the TUNG Brushes he wants.”

Oechslin says that so far, promoting the TUNG Brush alongside Presley’s funny, slightly subversive videos has resulted in “tens of thousands of hits” to the TUNG Brush Web site. Even though TUNG Brush is not sold via tungbrush.com, there is a store locator feature and a link to drugstore.com, where sales “have doubled in the last six months,” he says. Although Oechslin wouldn’t release revenues for the last year, he says more than 100,000 TUNG Brushes have been sold and sales are in the “seven figures.”

“I have no doubt that the TUNG Brush will become a staple in dental care,” states Oechslin, with the true entrepreneur’s boundless faith. “We’re grateful that we’ve had the success we’ve had. But can we do better? Of course we can. The key is never quit.”

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January 25, 2007

Send a horse head to your friends!

–> Send a horse head to your friends!This Kropserkel horse head plush that is actually quite comfortable to sleep on, albeit a tad on the south side of morbid.

The horse head plush is the perfect reminder of the mistake they once made in wronging you, or for someone who just needs a good shaking up.

Hot Designer Toaster

Hot Designer ToasterThere has been little development of the toaster since the start of the century, whilst other appliances have developed and improved incorporating new technologies and thinking, toaster have remained relatively untouched. When the toaster was first invented eating toast was a social activity that took place on the breakfast table, these days toasters have been relegated to cheap plastic objects hidden away in the kitchen landscape. This toaster is designed to engage the user.

Q-ued :: Modular Sofa

–> | | | Q-ued :: Modular SofaThis modular sofa programme has some very special qualities. The first thing that stands out is its organic and light-hearted appearance. In order not to limit your creativity this couch can be “Q-ued” in all lengths, shapes and colours in any way you want.

:: deep ::

so modular – so you – so design it !

Design: Frederik Van Heereveld
Material: ARPRO® 
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This modular sofa programme has some very special qualities. The first thing that stands out is its organic and light-hearted appearance.
In order not to limit your creativity this couch can be “Q-ued” in all lengths, shapes and colours in any way you want.

Today you need a set of 1-seaters, tomorrow a long couch to fit all your friends in a row? No problem, you can arrange and re-arrange the Q-Couch as you just need it.  Design it now ! 

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Dimensions: Each section is 12 cm wide, 98 cm deep (seating depth: ~ 55 cm) and 80 cm high (seating height: ~ 40cm). One couch is made from min. 4 sections.



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Air Mattress
Your eyes do not deceive you: that sleek slab levitating in midair is in fact a bed, and it is floating unsupported–though lightly tethered at its four corners–16 in. above the floor. The hovering bed is the daydream of a Dutch designer who says he was inspired by the monolith in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Its secret is a matching set of repelling magnets, built into the bed and the floor below, that’s powerful enough to support almost 2,000 lbs. The magnetic fields are supposed to be perfectly safe for sleepers, but you’re advised to take off your earrings before vacuuming underneath.

Inventor: Janjaap Ruijssenaars
Availability: Now; $1.5 million
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Breezy Alternative
Wind is a wonderfully renewable source of energy, but until now ordinary consumers who wanted to live off of–or contribute to–the electrical grid had no way to capture it. That’s where the Skystream 3.7 comes in. It’s a wind turbine designed especially for home use. Installed on a 35-ft. tower, it connects to standard utility hookups and starts turning in breezes as low as 8 m.p.h. It can provide up to 80% of the average household’s electricity and shave $600 or more off annual utility costs.
Inventor: Southwest Power
Availability: Now; about $10,000, including installation
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Campbell’s Soup

Campbell's SoupLimited edition soup cans with authentic reproductions of Andy Warhol designed labels. Printed on special quality paper and with Andy’s signature (reproduced). Contains Campbell’s condensed tomato soup. Exclusively ours.

And it can be exclusively yours for only $ 12.00.

Change the flags of the world

–> Change the flags of the worldCountries need to be innovative to be noticed in the world. The need to take a look at things that are not good anymore and update them.

Now take the flags of the countries. They are dull, ease to misinterpretate, not recognizable for a nation.

Governments need to take a close look at their flags and see what can be done about them. This is an example of what the flag of Great Britain could look like after an update.

So now check out the changes to the flags of the world, accompanied by user’s comments.

Catch up with South Park


Catch up with South ParkThe power of the Internet provides you with the ability to watch any South Park episode online for free. Also included is an article about the creators, Matt and Trey, and their views on illegal downloads and viewing of the show. Suprise! They like it.

Dave and Thomas[/u]


October 1, 2006

SLINGBOXYou hook it up to your internet/cable connection.  Voila.  You can watch tv anywhere you have an internet connection.  Sitting at the local coffee shop with free wifi?  Booya, tv.  At the library of your school trying to study but wanting to watch the big game?  There you go.