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June 17, 2008

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50% Mexican. 50% Asian. 100% Action.

J&W is the action-packed new adventure comedy from Eccitare Productions. J (Gabe) and W (Donny Tran) are the finest salesmen in town selling their uncle’s brand of Lechita Soap worldwide until their uncle mysteriously goes missing. J and W arrive at the border of Mexico, only uncover a Human cock fighting ring. Now it’s up to J&W to find the cock fighting ring, rescue their uncle, and have a big orgy in Mexico.

Written by Donny Tran and director Sebastian Tonazzi.

Photo Essay
Hate mail
Annoying ringtones
Rate the Immigrant
Vote for crap
The Campaign for Real Booty
The Wong Way
Juan and Wong lookalike contest winners

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ideas for posters:

rumble in the bronx pose but 2 people




double impact


rush hour:

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harold and kumar

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (Extreme Unrated Edition)

segal poster

Urban Justice

split screen

Me, Myself & Irene (Special Edition)

team america

World Police - Unrated (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)

shanghai noon


marketing for dove campaign:

1. will need everyones headshot w/ white backbround

posters for dove:

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dove campaign for real beauty

dove campaign for real beauty

dove campaign for real beauty

dove campaign for real beauty

dove campaign for real beauty

dove campaign for real beauty

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ufc posters:

UFC 71 Liddell vs. Jackson

cool photo

dream 4 aoki wins by gogoplata

TapouT Toxic T-Shirt

TapouT Toxic T-Shirt

TapouT Toxic T-Shirt

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Main Features:

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First let me say thank you for listening to our presentation.


Also, can everyone in the room please stand up, I want to try something. Look underneath your chairs, what did you find? A dollar, that’s right. What is the point of this message? If you want to make a dollar, you need to get off, excuse my language, your hieny. It is known that we at Lechita LLC strongly disapprove of Dove and their campaign


for real beauty which is really just another ad campaign.


We have exclusive patent pending formula to make sure our consumers receive only the best quality. We use the finest milk from the finest bulls, because we really do care about our customers.


If you invest with us, you will not only get a great product line, but also a friend in me. Now, I will leave it to Wong to conclude. Thank you again.
(Shows pics from powerpoint)

Why thank you Juan. I’ll say it, screw Dove and their ad campaign. (show slide) Why work out when you’ve got soap? Hmm, should I go to the gym, or should I go wash my privates with soap? Using soap will enlarge your ding dong. We get it. Soap cures all. Thank you Dove. Is average looking models is what people want?…


well guess what, that was last year. And LECHITA is all about this year!

Hot asses and titays are back! (more powerpoint pictures) .We have our own campaign for real beauty, called, ‘campaignforrealbooty.com’.

You’re asking yourself, ‘but why LECHITA?’ Well, who’s the largest buying market for soap in the future?


That’s right, Mexicans. (show slide) Look at Juan over there. Not be racist, but once this ‘population’ start buying LECHITA soap, it’s going to make everyone millionaires. All we need is a famous Mexican celebrity like Julio Englisias


and Rico Suave


to endorse our product, and we can make each and everyone of you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Crowd is silent. Wong gives Juan cue, while showing sad pictures on powerpoint of Mexico.


Oh Lechita you will never know, anything about my home

I’ll never know how good it feels to hold you
Lechita I need you so
Oh Lechita is the other side of any given line in time

Counting ten tin soldiers in a row
Oh no, Lechita you’l never know


WONG sings backup:
Lechitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhh


(Investors slowly start clapping)