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powder blue wrap party

November 24, 2007

Movie I worked on for couple months called “Powder Blue” coming out next year starring Jessica Biel, Patrick Swayze (took pic w/ Don Swayze below), Ray Liota, Forest Whitaker and more. Directed by Vietnamese director Tim Bui! Awesome awesome experience and first time I got to work on a film from script till finish. Usually I just work on a film when it gets started but this time when the credits role, I will know EVERY single person on there from ‘best boy’ to ‘gaffer’ to whatever…pretty cool. This was my first wrap party I got to go to (I am usually back in Arizona by that time) so I didn’t know that if it starts at 9pm, that means its starts at 9. I kidnapped my friend Mary to go w/ me, and we were hungry so we got a bite to eat and didn’t get there till 11pm, when all the celebs already left. But whatever, we got a pic w/ Don Swayze who is all I wanted to have a pic with. Jessica Biel brought Timberlake, but you couldn’t take pictures anyhooo…

don swayze, the stunning mary, me

camera guy hong and me

director tim bui, mary, me

actress kathy uyen and me

susan and tinkerbell

November 24, 2007

invasion of the ao dais

November 24, 2007


November 23, 2007