photographer Zack Seckler

December 15, 2008


Untitled, August 2008 by Zack SecklerHHS contender Zack Seckler is funny. At least, he makes funny photographs, ones that will definitely make you laugh out loud, or at least snort, a little. And at the end of a long week after a holiday, I’m pretty grateful for that. Who doesn’t need a good guffaw? As Zack writes:

Humor functions as a way to process and escape the reality of everyday life. It may entertain, but it may also serve as a therapeutic tool. At this point in history, with major problems at home and abroad, we need, more than ever, the opportunity comedy gives to come up for air, to reframe our images so they are no longer uniformly dark. My imagery gives an opportunity to buoy the spirit by letting in a little light.

Zack’s mag is called “The F Stop,” and you can see the first issue here. I signed up on the email list, and am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in the next issue.

Way to go, man. Good stuff.


For those of you who are interested in professional photographers who work in advertising, editorial and fine art photography you might be interested in checking out the online FSTOP magazine. The FSTOP, run by the photographer Zack Seckler, is published every two weeks and always has a least four articles and interviews which offer a great insight into the craft. The current issue has a very interesting interview with Olaf Blecker, a German based editorial photographer well known for his gritty and uncompromising portraits. He has some intriguing nuggets of information about his technique and also about the business in general. This website is something I check out regularly, usually with my breakfast bowl in hand.