September 30, 2008

. Lost Cat by Oscar Arriola


August 1, 2008


July 31, 2008

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July 31, 2008


July 1, 2008

random pics

April 23, 2008


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Hendrik Kerstens is one of those artists who have managed to develop a career seemingly concentrating on one subject throughout the years. In his case, the model has been his daughter Paula. How different is she as a subject because of being his daughter? Not very. Which is as powerful a revelation as any. After all, one would expect some closeness, some special insight. Nothing of the sort. What we get is a serious young lady, as serious now as she was on the pictures being only a few years old. A gaze that refuses to talk. Our only partner in dialogue seems to be the light that paints the face gently, yet at least on surface, without the love one would expect. We see all the Vermeers and other 17th-century Flemish painters participate in this creation, yet this, here, is darker, less inviting. It doesn’t pretend that something can come out of this encounter. Nothing more than a picture, a gaze, a world that is forever there, for us to admire, but not to discover.

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i giapponesi, mediamente, stanno male

delicious (?)

OMFG it’s Reagan!

the team

register power

just chilling out

go go go

through the barricades

best eyewear ever

best eyewear ever


crossover spoiler

Clark Kent meets Supergirl the old fashioned way

missing very much

brother, can you spare a high kick?

rosquitasque ricas las rosquitas de wal mart   il mondo come volontà, usb e ciambelleeeeehhhh

Bomb-usb   il mondo come volontà e usb

keyboard gangs war


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Pirate ninja taijitu


eh (courtesy of benvenutocellini)

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you speak when I tell you to

ah, monday morning once again…

no, really, I just lost the way back to the beehive

choices (1 - technological one; 2 - old-fashioned one)


faster, my ants, faster!

needs and motivations

needs and motivations
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Peter Brookes per

points of view

points of view
que viva el Griffin

que viva el Griffin
i fotografi son gente che ogni scusa è buona per farsi la modella, anche lasciarla che fotografi lei, tanto verranno fuori solo schifi (segnalato da placida)
(oggi è giornata di cartelli stradali)
slightly racist, I know
un mondo di parole
russian politics in a nutshell (or in a matryoshka)
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i cosplayer distruggeranno il mondo con il potere di Grayskull
checcefrega dell’iphone, noi c’abbiamo… l’iphone?
saturday afternoon loneliness
checcefrega della kryptonite, noi c’avemo le tortenfaccia
anche i cosplayer soffrono la recessione economica