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July 6, 2008

“Funny is funny,” the creators of Kyle Piccollo: Comic Shop Therapist say. Just because the series’ protagonist is a comic book geek whose therapeutic intuition is harnessed through comic books alone does not mean that those of us unfamiliar with the wacky world of comics won’t find the funny. Like The Guild, it intends an approach accessible to anyone, but with subtle winks and sly nods to those intimately involved with the subculture.

Through “stilted” observations and advice set in Manhattan’s Midtown Comics, Kyle Piccolo intends to be one of the first online, comic-related shows that’s more than just geeks talking about the industry and its latest releases.The first episode, Fantastic Fix, creates the setup for what will likely be a repeated bit: Guy walks up with Comfort Comic. Moments later, with little prodding, he’s spilling the beans of his dysfunctional relationship and, a few quick Kyle Piccolo quips after that, he walks away with a receipt longer than expected.

The show is written and produced by Alec Pollak, Neil Turitz, Eric Zuckerman and John Cassaday. It was created by Turitz and Pollak, is directed by Turitz and Cassaday and executive produced by For Your Imagination. The first six installments are sponsored by Warner Bros’ The Dark Night – an obvious fit for its likely audience.
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*The viewership numbers cited here are approximate and were reported by the series’ creators.

What: A 2006 Internet video series about a teenage girl named Bree who made confessions before a Webcam. Several months into the series, Bree was unmasked as an actress (Jessica Rose), whose words were scripted by the show’s creators, Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried.

Viewers*: More than 100 million views in total, with 200,000 to 500,000 views per episode.

Cost: Not available, but the creators say it was done on the cheap, shot with a $130 camera.

Sponsors: LonelyGirl15 was a pioneer in product integration, scoring deals with Hershey’s, Twentieth Century Fox and others. It even featured a character written to promote Neutrogena.

And now? The series continues, though without Bree. The creators have launched a series spin-off, “Kate Modern,” and have signed a development deal for online video projects with CBS.
Break a Leg


What: A 2006 Internet video series about the making of a TV sitcom in San Francisco, created by Yuri and Vlad Baranovsky.

Viewers*: 1.5 million monthly visits.

Cost: $500 per episode.

Sponsors: Holiday Inn Express paid for a four-month run from July to October 2008.

And now: The series continues, with an October season finale.
The Burg


What: A 2006 Internet video series about hipster life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, created by Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley.

Viewers*: Initially 10,000 viewers; now 5 million viewers.

Cost: Initially $1,000 an episode, but costs skyrocketed after the cast became members of the Screen Actors Guild.

Sponsors: Motorola sponsored a nine-episode mini season in June 2007.

And now?: The show is on hiatus, due to lack of funding. Grace and Woodley have produced the Web series “The All-for-Nots” for Michael Eisner’s Vuguru.
Ask A Ninja


What: A 2005 Internet video series featuring a ninja who answers absurd e-mailed questions, created by comedians Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine.

Viewers*: 2.7 million monthly viewers.

Cost: $7,000 per episode.

Sponsors: Microsoft, Toshiba, Doritos, EA, GM and Google, among others.

And now?: The series continues. Its creators have written a book, “The Ninja Handbook,” and are working on a feature film, a remake of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”
Other popular shows:

“The Guild” ( http://www.watchtheguild.com), “Young American Bodies” ( http://www.ifc.com/youngamericanbodies), “iChannel” ( http://www.connectwithi.com), “We Need Girlfriends” ( http://www.weneedgirlfriends.tv).

screenwriter juno: http://www.writersdigest.com/article/diablo-cody

stickman animation: http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/stickman_spanish_class/

pitch tips: http://blog.writersdigest.com/scriptnotes/

viral ideas, catchy pics for each episode: http://rhettandlink.com/

web series: http://www.60frames.com/

indie comedy network like funnyordie: http://www.icn.tv/

online web series news: http://www.newteevee.com/


rhett& link films: http://rhettandlink.com/films

Corporate ties and marketing

Rhett and Link have partnered with General Motors, serving as web correspondents for IGotShotgun.com, one of GM’s internet marketing strategies.[15]

They have also developed custom internet marketing campaigns for companies such as AJJCornhole, creating a music video, the “Cornhole Song”, featuring the gaming company’s products.[16]

As of 2008, they are actively seeking to partner with brands interested in utilizing web video as a marketing strategy, and they are also offering to write jingles.[17]

sponsor: http://itvx.net/2008/03/26/dorm-life-web-series-snags-sponsorship-from-campusfoodcom/

Break A Leg Gets Sponsorship Deal

After toiling on the web for years, online sitcom Break A Leg has finally landed a sponsorship deal…for its season finale.

Holiday Inn Express will sponsor the show, which according to series creator Yuri Baranovsky will be broken up into seven or eight parts that are spread out over the next four months. Holiday Inn Express will get a three-second slate that will appear at the top of each segment. The deal came about through Break A Leg’s relationship with For Your Imagination and Blip.tv.

Via an IM conversation, Baranovsky wouldn’t give any details on how much money the show is getting, revealing only that, “I can’t quit my day job and it’s less than a billion dollars.” With a quick wit like that, it’s no wonder Break A Leg picked up a sponsor.


Univision, The Home Depot Create Web Series

New Web show called Handyman Al Rescate

July 2, 2008

-By John Consoli

Univision Online has entered into a partnership with The Home Depot to launch a new Web show called Handyman Al Rescate.

The show will include six webisodes with intructions and advice on how to accomplish a remodeling or repair project, leveraging content from The Home Depot’s existing in-store clinics.

The microsite can be accessed through Univision.com by using the keyword Handyman Al Rescate. It will include streaming videos, expert tips and photo gallaries. The Webisodes will discuss how to renovate a patio, painting techniques, organizing a garage, remodeling a bathroom, organizing a house better, and beautifying a garden.

“Univision.com is committed to partnering with industry leaders like The Home Depot,” said Cesar Conde, executive vp and chief strategy officer. “Our goal is to deliver innovative content that addresses the interests of our audience, and Handyman Al Rescate delivers on both fronts.”

“This partnership allows us to provide Hispanic do-it-yourselfers with the know-how needed to help them convert their house into a home with confidence,” said Lyne Castonguay, vp of multicultural merchandising and marketing for The Home Depot.


commercial: http://www.rondovie.com/page9/page9.html

Recent Projects:

“Declare Yourself / Voto Latino PSAs”
Starring Wilmer Valderrama and Rosario Dawson, this series of four comedic telenovelas for the internet encourages young people to register to vote. Currently in Post-Production for a late January 2008 launch.


Crackle, Inc., a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, is a multi-platform video entertainment network and studio that distributes work from the hottest established and emerging talent on the web and beyond. Crackle’s addictive channels and shows reach a global audience across the Internet, in the living room, and on devices including a broad range of Sony electronics. Crackle, in on-going collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment and other leading partners, discovers and promotes the stars of tomorrow. Visit Crackle’s site at http://www.crackle.com/


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The Rascal (Mondays) is an action packed over-the-top comedy starring Jay Rondot as a small time criminal who attempts to graduate to the big leagues by selling nuclear fusion secrets to the highest bidder. Using any means necessary, his twin brother (also played by Rondot) leads the federal government’s manhunt to thwart his efforts. Rondot and Ross Novie created and


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