Assunta Ng

November 22, 2010

Northwest Asian Weekly in the News
Updated Jan. 11, 2008

Photo by Ann-Marie Stillion

Every week is like a battle for Assunta Ng,
the publisher of the Northwest Asian
Weekly and Seattle Chinese Post for the past 25 years.

25th Anniversary Gala slide show

Part 13–Assunta Ng–
Rewriting the
rules in dealing
with “enemies”

Part 12–Assunta Ng–
Still alive after
thousands of hard battles

Part 11–Assunta Ng–
How did miracles shape
my dream job?

Part 10–Assunta Ng—
Tough job becomes plum
job after 25 years

Part 9—Assunta Ng—
Publisher’s regrets
over the past 25

Part 8 —Assunta Ng—Should
the Asian Weekly
takes sides?

Part 7—Assunta Ng—What’s the
best advice for
a publisher?

Part—Assunta Ng—Asia’s
politics challenge
local newspapers

Part 5—Assunta Ng—
Politics and the
publisher’s role

Part 4—Assunta Ng—
A publisher who follows
her passion and path

Part 3— Assunta Ng—
Has it been joy or pain
the last 25 years?

Part 2— Assunta Ng—
I want to make a
difference, not

Part 1— Assunta Ng—
Confesssions of a
newspaper publisher

Making headlines: Assunta Ng
goes after what she wants

Citizen of the Year, 2001

No Guts, No Glory

Women of Color Unite to
Strengthen Influence