Chief Content Officer Youth Media – KJZZ

KJZZ and Rio Salado Community College are looking for a mission driven individual that is passionate about media and technology.  The successful candidate will be a creative thinker who understands how young people consume media today and will work to blend their consumption habits with the implementation of a substantive media experience and teaching curriculum.  Our Chief Content Officer will be an individual that enjoys engaging and teaching young people and is comfortable developing a hybrid of media professionals and volunteers to help them mentor and teach the art of journalistic storytelling, performance and self-expression.  If this sounds like you, follow the link below to the job posting to submit your application.  In addition to completing the application please email a copy of your cover letter and resume to:

storycorp arizona

October 16, 2011

Pao Houa Her: Photographer

October 14, 2011

hit RECord anthology

October 14, 2011

Hardbound 64-page Book, DVD & CD

‘RECollection: Volume 1’ is the very first anthology of hitRECord’s work, featuring the contributions of 471 collaborators.

The eight-inch square, cloth-bound tome is a well-crafted and meticulously-designed piece of art. With equal attention given to each medium—video, audio, image, text—this relic of our records is rich in detail and a feast for the senses.


A collection of 36 short movies created collaboratively on hitRECord under the direction of—and with some starring roles by—Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You’ll find short films, animations, music videos, ‘tiny stories’ and records from hitRECord’s various live events.

The Book

64 full-color glossy pages filled to the brim with everything you love about your beautiful books: poetry, prose, paintings, photography, comical curiosities, non-sequiturs, bed-time stories and, of course, more!

The CD

Join your DJ RegularJoe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt for all you newbs) as he hosts his ‘pretend’ radio show — complete with 17 collaboratively-made songs.

But, wait! There’s more! :o)

And as a special thank-you for getting the RECollectionthrough our Record store, the first 3,000 purchasers will receive hitRECord’s limited edition 7″ vinyl release — “Nothing Big” — FREE! This bright red record will never be printed again, and its circular grooves contain such songs as ‘Nothing Big,’ ‘American scrimpNsave,’ ‘Make Space for Me in Your Coffin’ and more!

Please note: ‘RECollection: Volume 1 will ship September 20th. If RECollection: Volume 1 is purchased in combination with other items at the RECord Store, the complete package will not ship until September 20.’






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